2030: A world without HIV

2030: A world without HIV

September 15th, 2014

aidsAs 2030 draws to a close, the latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistics on HIV/AIDS speak for themselves; there have been no new transmissions in the past 24 months!

This is an unprecedented triumph for the entire international community. Prevention, testing, and treatment objectives were all reached thanks to an impressive feat of mobilization by countless players in the fight against HIV.

The most recent UNAIDS report gives particular praise to the synergy between scientific and medical advances, and those in human rights, throughout all five decades of the pandemic.

Additionally, over the past 15 years in particular, the commitment and support of policy-makers worldwide have ensured that the fight against HIV had every necessary resource.

It was a sizeable challenge: ensuring that the people at the highest risk of transmission would benefit from crucial healthcare services. To achieve this,concerted action was needed on all fronts: information and awareness campaigns, targeted prevention campaigns, and increased access to testing, care, and treatment. Equally important was the fight for human rights and against discrimination, criminalization, etc.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of donors around the world. Through their contributions to various foundations, they helped fund numerous advances in the fight against HIV, both scientifically and by directly supporting the communities most affected by the pandemic.

Although the infection still has no cure, experts now agree that we can safely refer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a thing of the past.

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