A rooming house for HIV-positive people over 50

Maison d’Hérelle
February 18th, 2015

The Maison d’Hérelle is celebrating its 25th birthday with a gift for people living with HIV/AIDS: they are opening new rooms specifically for people over 50 years old who are living with HIV.

When the Maison d’Hérelle opened its doors on May 8, 1990, its primary purpose was to offer temporary housing for respite and palliative care. With the arrival of more advanced treatments though, the face of the epidemic has changed: HIV has become a chronic disease. People living with HIV can now expect to have nearly normal life expectancies, which has resulted in a much higher proportion of people 50 and over living with the disease.

Yet services for seniors have not adapted to this new reality. That’s what inspired the Maison d’Hérelle to take action, creating a permanent housing facility for aging but independent people living with HIV. The new space can accommodate up to eight tenants, who will receive community support to assist with activities of daily living.

For more information on this new resource, contact Jean-Marc, care coordinator, at 514-844-4874, ext. 102.


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