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Fqsida and the Farha Foundation join forces against HIV/AIDS
2017-05-18The latest from Fqsida

Get involved in the Fqsida board of directors
2017-05-18Taking action in Quebec

ABC of HIV: Primary infection
2017-05-18The ABC's of fighting HIV

Mark Wainberg
a big name in the fight against HIV has left us
Federal funding: What future for the fight against HIV?2017-02-15Financing
A new director for the Fqsida2017-02-15The latest from Fqsida
Pre-hiring questionnaires: an illegal but common practice!2017-02-15Discrimination
The challenge of caring for vulnerable communities
2017-02-15Taking action in Africa
The blog « Je suis séropo »2017-02-15Solidarity
Key populations2017-02-15The ABC's of fighting HIV
Seven of Fqsida’s seventeen member organizations threatened by federal funding cuts2016-11-30Editorial
Centre des R.O.S.É.S. is one of the 7 organizations threatened by federal funding cuts2016-11-30Taking action in Quebec
The Global Fund and Africagay against AIDS, partners in defence of LGBT rights2016-11-30Taking action in Africa
Together, lets build a world WITHOUT AIDS or HIV2016-11-30December 1st

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