Our mission


– Our mission –

The Fondation québécoise du sida (Fqsida) was founded in 1997 to support the fight against HIV/AIDS in Quebec. It funds the activities of local organizations who share a similar community-based approach, in order to address the many challenges surrounding the issue of HIV/AIDS in our communities.

Since 2007, Fqsida has expanded its focus to include solidarity with French-speaking Africa, through a partnership with Coalition PLUS.

Vital players in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Quebec and French-speaking Africa, the recipient organizations of Fqsida work to increase access to prevention, improve support for people affected by HIV/AIDS, combat discrimination, and subsequently push back the epidemic.

Your support allows recipient organizations to allocate resources directly to their needs and priorities. With strong foundations in their communities, whether it be in Quebec or in Africa, these organizations have demonstrated responsible financial management and democratic practices.

Treatment support, thanks to REVS+ in Burkina Faso
@Coalition Plus – @Daniel Hérard
Awareness-building and condom distribution in Montreal, thanks to ACCM


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