Our vision


– Our vision-

Just a few short years ago, the HIV/AIDS epidemic felt like a runaway train; we didn’t know how to stop it. Today that has changed. We now know that access to prevention, testing, treatment, and a better quality of life for the most at-risk populations can make all the difference. It is no longer a question of what to do to fight HIV/AIDS, but how to do it… and of course, to secure the financial and human resources we need to succeed.

In Quebec, beyond the difficult economic situation, provincial policies often lead to budgetary  restrictions, and can also obstruct progress in terms of awareness, prevention and social justice.

In Africa, between economic crises and civil wars, your support of Fqsida is more important than ever, especially since funding for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is dropping steadily. Given this situation, making headway in the field is increasingly challenging.

Scientific advances, new prevention technologies, a better understanding of the impact of stigmatization and discrimination, and of the role of social, economic and structural factors… Although the knowledge we have today could one day bring about the eradication of HIV/AIDS, for the coming years, funding is more important than ever.

Your support makes a difference: together we will conquer HIV/AIDS!

Thank you for your generosity and trust.

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