Alone, we move forward…together, we go far!

September 10th, 2010

The struggle against HIV is a matter of human solidarity. We are all affected, both as individuals and as members of our communities.

We are all affected because HIV is an ever-present public health problem. Prevention, testing, and treatment are the best means of slowing the progress of the epidemic. Beyond the need for political will, it’s essential for individuals to take preventive measures, spread information about transmission, and get tested after at-risk acts.

We’re also all affected because HIV has powerful social repercussions. HIV-positive people continue to suffer discrimination and prejudice. Speaking openly about their status is difficult for them because they fear being judged and rejected, losing their jobs and losing their housing. This means that people at risk hesitate to get tested, which hampers prevention efforts: it’s estimated that a third of HIV-positive people don’t know they are positive. By adopting a healthy attitude towards HIV-positive people, each of us can contribute to freeing society from prejudice, respecting the rights of all, supporting prevention and testing efforts, and improving HIV-positive people’s quality of life.

Everyone involved – governments, community organizations, health care organizations, educators, social services, legal services, employers, people living with HIV, donors, citizens – has to combine their efforts in the fight against the epidemic. By ourselves, we can move forward, but together, we can go far!

Thank you so much for your commitment and support.

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