ANSS – Burundi: Armed conflict wipes out years of effort and progress

May 18, 2016

JGapiyaJeanne Gapiya, chairperson and co-founder of ANSS – a member of Coalition PLUS – was invited to address the opening ceremony of the 8th Conference of AFRAVIH , held in Brussels. She gave an alarming testimony on the situation of persons living with HIV/AIDS in her country, Burundi, embroiled in a new crisis since April 2015.

“It’s estimated that 250,000 Burundians have gone into exile, including thousands of adults and children living with HIV who were forced to flee without supplies of medication.

The conflicts have a dramatic effect on the services of ANSS: between April and May 2015 the number of medical consultations went down by 16%; the number of medical visits in hospitals and homes dropped by 36%. In the capital, Bujumbura, police operations curtail patients’ movements, forcing them to miss appointments for obtaining treatment.

I do not purport to teach you anything new when I say that the development of anti-AIDS treatment is a decisive victory against the epidemic. These precious molecules prevent new HIV infections, save lives and improve the state of health of persons living with HIV. By jeopardizing our activities, the conflicts that batter us literally steal that victory from us, wiping out years of effort and progress. This is an emergency! We need help!”

Thank you for your support, which is more precious now that ever as
the country goes through this dramatic situation.

* Conférence Internationale Francophone VIH/hépatites

Photo credit: © Coalition PLUS 2016

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