Between us, what’s my place?

July 26th, 2013

Dear donor,

I would like to talk to you today about an event that is particularly close to my heart, which will take place in Montréal on September the 27th and 28th.

It’s the 3rd edition of the Forum of People Living with HIV, a meeting that will bring together 200 people from all across Québec, under the theme “Entre nous, c’est quoi ma place?” / “Between us, what’s my place?”

In an atmosphere of optimism and commitment, this symposium will be organized around the most current and significant issues in the fight against HIV/AIDS, whether it be in terms of medical treatment, advances in our understanding of treatment as an effective way of preventing the transmission of HIV, access to employment and insurance, recognition of rights, the place of HIV-positive people in Québec society, and the essential role they play in the fight against the worldwide HIV pandemic.

An element of “crosscutting concern” will be prominent in all the activities in the program: the involvement of people living with HIV in different spheres of society and community action, particularly in the current context where international authorities have targeted the eradication of AIDS within one or two generations.

From the onset of the fight against HIV and AIDS, the “Greater Involvement of People living with HIV and AIDS” (GIPA) has always been a determining factor in the advances achieved in all our communities, and the essential role of HIV-positive people in the fight against the pandemic needs no longer be proven. Even so, the GIPA principle needs to be constantly stressed and implemented, since HIV-positive people continue to encounter many obstacles in their participation and expression of their specific concerns. New approaches need to be developed in order to encourage them to speak out and get involved, since their participation makes all the difference between an unproductive action and an approach that results in concrete success.

Today, dear donor, as the 2013 edition of the Forum approaches, I invite you to show your support for this community movement by making a donation to this event.

I would also like to extend a very special thank-you for your loyalty to the Fondation québecoise du sida!

Yours in solidarity,

Donald Careau,

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