Burundi: Thank you for your solidarity!

August 19, 2015

TURIHO_1 (2)While Burundi sinks further into a deep political crisis, punctuated by violence that has caused about a hundred deaths so far and forced some 170,000 Burundians to flee their country, the members of l’Association nationale de soutien aux séropositifs et malades du sida (ANSS – National Association for Support to HIV-positive and AIDS patients) refuse to abandon their beneficiaries, taking daily risks to go out and do their work and carry out their mission. Despite that, many patients are obliged to remain in their homes and no longer go to their medical appointments. This endangers their lives.

The urgency of the situation has led FQSIDA and its partner, Coalition Plus, to mobilize, and launch an exceptional appeal for donations for this historic association which currently provides medical and psycho-social support for more than 5,000 HIV-positive adults and children throughout the country. This upsurge of solidarity is beginning to bear fruit since the generosity of our donors has already enabled us to collect close to CAN$ 15,000.

Burundi 1This money will enable the ANSS to come to the assistance of AIDS orphans whom it lodges, feeds, and provides with education and medical care. These orphans – most of whom have found it extremely difficult to obtain treatment – are caught up in deadly clashes of which they understand absolutely nothing.

HIV in Burundi:
This country of 10 million inhabitants is in the throes of a generalised epidemic: 1.2 % of its people are HIV-positive; 50% are less than 25 years old. ANSS alone provides medical care and access to treatment to more than 5,000 persons.

Photos: © Coalition PLUS

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