Burundi – The prevention of mother-to-child transmission programm, with ANSS

July 31th, 2012

For the ANSS (Association Nationale , medical care is a key service and begins as soon as a patient is admitted to one of the association’s four branches (Turiho, Kirundo, Gitega, and Makamba). The qualified staff orients and accompanies users while giving them quality care: medical consultation, lab results analysis, counselling, voluntary and anonymous testing, as well as social support and more.

IMG_4923Among Burundi’s most important HIV/AIDS-related issues is the defence of the rights of infected women, including the right to have children; the ANSS’s prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) program is part of its commitment to that issue.

All four ANSS branches offer prevention activities to properly inform women of childbearing age about how to have a healthy child and raise it themselves in good physical condition, and make them aware of the importance of asking their doctor for counselling and accompaniment even before conception.

Women taking antiretroviral therapies are offered compliance enhancement sessions, as well as information sessions on infant nutrition, as breast milk is a potential HIV vector.

Pregnant women who are not being treated are accompanied to help them get access to antiretrovirals and, if possible, begin the PMTCT protocol.

Thanks to ANSS, in 2011 alone, 84 HIV-positive pregnant women got access to antiretroviral treatment, and 138 healthy children were born to HIV-positive mothers who had undergone the PMTCT protocol.

2012: The ANSS becomes the 8th full member of Coalition PLUS
Technical support and capacity building for member and partner associations is a cornerstone of Coalition PLUS. Following eight missions in two years and above all, through considerable effort of its own, Burundi’s ANSS meets international standards for accounting, a hallmark of professionalism and credibility, as well as all criteria for full membership in Coalition PLUS. Accordingly, on May 5, 2012, the ANSS became the eighth community organization to become a member since 2008.

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