CASM: the HIV/AIDS organisation by and for women

November 26, 2015

CASMThis year’s launch of the new website of the Centre for AIDS Services Montreal (Women) – CASM – is a beautiful opportunity to introduce to you our organisation, the only one in Quebec devoted exclusively to the specific issue of women dealing with HIV/AIDS.

The Centre’s mission is to provide women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI) along with their families, with education and prevention activities, support and accompaniment services, and representation to defend their interests.

These actions, which prioritise in particular the specific needs of women and their families living below the poverty line, are aimed at enhancing their ability to act on their circumstances and improve their quality of life.

The Centre began its activities in1990 in order to make up for the lack of resources and services for HIV-positive women in Montreal. At the time it was made up of a group of female volunteers who offered their services to women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Since then more than a thousand people have benefited from the Centre’s services! Volunteers continue to be the pillars of our organisation, participating actively in its functioning and in all spheres of our action on behalf of women and the general population. Most of our volunteers are peer assistants because the principle of women helping women is at the core of our interventions; it is the reason why we exist.

Marie Niyongere, Director

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