The loss of Evelyn Farha


The loss of Evelyn Farha
March 7, 2018

The honorary president of the Farha Foundation, Evelyn Farha, passed away on the 18th of January 2018 after battling valiantly for 25 years for people living with HIV/AIDS. She was 92. She had been strongminded to continue the work of her son, Ron Farha, who died from HIV/AIDS in 1993. Very active, she had raised close to 10 million dollars through the marches she organized. This money was then redistributed to 75 organizations that fight against HIV/AIDS.

Known for her commitment and devotion to the cause, Mrs. Farha received many awards throughout her life.

She will receive, posthumously, the Phenicia Society 2018 award. This recognition by the LGBT community will be handed over to her daughters, Nancy, Carolyn and Linda, on the 31st of May, at the 14th edition of the award, which will be held at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’s Parquet Room. The Quebec LGBT Chamber of Commerce wishes in this way to pay homage to an extraordinary woman who, for a quarter of a century, succeeded, with courage and humility, in fighting the stigmas and prejudices experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Fondation québécoise du sida is deeply affected by Evelyn Farha’s passing, which is a huge loss for the HIV/AIDS milieu. Fqsida is determined to continue the fight against stigmatization, and especially to keep up its education and prevention efforts within the population.

Rest in peace, Evelyn Farha. Your work will be carried on. The fight continues!

ABC OF HIV : Primary infection


ABC OF HIVPrimary infection
May 18, 2017

This is the period immediately after the virus enters the body. At this stage, the virus multiplies quickly and transmission risks are highest.

This first phase can come with flu-like symptoms such as fever, throat pain, muscular pain, fatigue, swollen lymph-nodes and skin eruptions.

These symptoms, which disappear after a few weeks, are not present in all infected persons. Sometimes the primary infection stage goes by unnoticed. It is during this period that the immune system produces antibodies to defend itself against the virus.

Source : L’essentiel du VIH/sida, Portail VIH/sida du Québec, Benoît Lemire