Centre Amaryllis: a step towards social integration

November 22nd, 2013

Sidalys, one of Fqsida’s member organizations, manages three housing developments in Montreal for people living with HIV. The most disenfranchised of these live in Centre Amaryllis. The Centre’s nine residents suffer from problems ranging from substance abuse to mental health issues, and have all experienced homelessness. Two thirds of them are over 50 years old, which makes them all the more vulnerable, given their already precarious circumstances.

Centre Amaryllis is more than a shelter; it offers a better way of life. It allows residents to vastly improve their living conditions, both through proper medical care – some residents also suffer from hepatitis C – and by encouraging residents to take responsibility for their own lives and health. Rather than simply making decisions on residents’ behalf, the team aims to provide them with an appropriate, realistic level of support to help them make their own choices. By empowering residents in this way, a foundation is built of dignity and respect – for themselves and others. Greater autonomy and social integration is then possible, at the pace and discretion of each resident.

Fqsida takes action through 17 organizations in Quebec. Thank you for your support!

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