Coalition PLUS says STOP medical apartheid!

February 16, 2016

Combler ecartBarely 41% of persons living with HIV worldwide receive an antiretroviral treatment today and only 32% of children infected with the virus have access to these vital medicinal drugs. Globally, nine persons out of 10 live in regions of the world where they do not have access to these precious molecules from the time they are diagnosed HIV-positive.

In the poorest countries most patients who are diagnosed are turned away from medical care. There are not enough drugs to go around so they are told to return when they develop AIDS, even if that could be too late. In most of the wealthy countries, people living with HIV have access to the care and treatment they need, irrespective of how far the infection has progressed.

This is a new form of medical apartheid at the global level. These inequalities in access to health are not only revolting. They are also an aberration given the scientific knowledge available today. It should be recalled, here, that someone diagnosed and treated effectively no longer transmits the virus thanks to the preventive effect of the treatment. Without access to treatment, there is no end to AIDS.

Working continuously in the field to correct this injustice, the militants of Coalition PLUS have decided to send a clear message to their governments: No more excuses. Time is running out. Every person living with HIV must be given treatment urgently. Millions of lives depend on it.

Thank you for joining us in this combat. Your donations enable us to act.


Image from the December 1st, 2014 UNAIDS campaign.

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