Taking action in Africa


– Taking action in Africa –

Coalition Plus

By partnering with Coalition PLUS, Fqsida has been able to support the fight against HIV/AIDS in French-speaking Africa through the work of local organizations, which are well established in their communities, and recognized for their sound financial management and democratic practices.

Bringing together 13 pioneering HIV/AIDS organizations from across French-speaking world, Coalition PLUS is committed to implementing the methods and tools necessary to fight HIV/AIDS at the community level. It aims to secure the materials, funding and human resources necessary to allow its partner organisations to operate effectively.

Priorities identified by Coalition PLUS include fully funding the fight against HIV/AIDS, reducing the cost of antiretroviral treatments, defending the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and other groups with high risk of exposure to infection, and improved governance in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Thanks to your donations, Fqsida is able to support the work of five African organizations:
Democratic Republic of the Congo: ACS/AMO-Congo
Morocco: L’Association de  lutte contre le sida (ALCS)
Burundi: L’Association nationale de soutien aux séropositifs et malades du sida (ANSS)
Burkina Faso: REVS+

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