GAP-VIES: a busy summer schedule!

June 16th, 2014

InloveFor over 25 years, GAP-VIES has been working to prevent HIV/AIDS. Strongly anchored in the Haitian community, the organization carries out numerous awareness campaigns aimed at the populations of countries where HIV/AIDS is endemic.

This mobilization is essential, since people from these countries represent 17% of new diagnoses, and 47% of those which relate to women*.  In community intervention, as in communications, successfully generating awareness is no easy feat. The public often will only identify with the message if it is adapted and personalized to their reality.

That’s how the “Getting tested” campaign came into being this spring. This year, intervention workers from GAP-VIES will bring campaign materials along to the outreach activities they participate in every summer in conjunction with major events in and around Montreal, such as Carifesta, Weekends du Monde, sports tournaments, etc.

Building awareness, spreading information, and distributing “Se faire dé” bracelets and condoms will happen throughout the year via different networks and social meeting places, such as hair salons, adult education centres, dance parties, or auto mechanics and taxi drivers.


*  Portrait des infections transmissibles sexuellement et par le sang (ITSS) au Québec Année 2012 (et projections 2013)

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