Let’s refuse discrimination, sign the petition

May 17, 2016

The use of pre-employment medical questionnaires in recruitment processes is clearly condemned by law, yet this discriminatory process is common, particularly in health establishments in Quebec. It has to stop, without delay. Sign the petition at

The minister needs to take action
In order to have this illegal procedure stopped definitively, Fqsida is launching a vast campaign of mobilization on the web. Look out for us on Facebook and Twitter: we urge all Quebecois to sign a petition calling on Gaetan Barrette, Minister of Health and Social Services, to scrap this type of form from recruitment processes throughout the health network.

Just enforce the law
We are calling on the minister to take immediately all measures required to ensure that all establishments in the network, including the Ministry of Health and Social Services itself, review their recruitment processes and make them compliant with the law.

These medical questionnaires are, in fact, illegal since they discriminate against people based on their state of health by imposing obstacles to their access to jobs and their ability to keep jobs. People who declare a chronic illness or an infection like HIV are often refused employment.

Let’s sign for justice
We wish to give maximum visibility to this issue that is important for the entire Quebecois society. Join us and share our appeal to sign the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

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