Mali: ARCAD-SIDA cooking workshops

– MALI –
June 16th, 2014

© Daniel Hérard – Coalition PLUS

Created and run by ARCAD-SIDA, the Care and Support Healthcare Centers (Centres de Soins d’Animation et de Conseil – CESAC) in Bamako, Kayes, Sikasso and Mopti are facilities where people living with HIV/AIDS can go for information, gatherings, and medical and psychosocial support.

The cooking workshops regularly held at the center bring people living with HIV and their caregivers together around shared meals, prepared by women followed by the association. Each workshop is presented by a trained host, and has three complementary objectives. First, to provide nutritional education by presenting different food groups, their daily benefits, and recipes based around local products. Second, to fight against dietary restrictions and give participants nutritionally rich foods, that could prevent or combat malnutrition. And finally, to create a forum for sharing and mutual encouragement for participants and their loved ones, in a setting of community support. Over the course of a single year, between 13,000 and 15,000 people were able to take part in some 200 workshops organized by the various ARCAD-SIDA centers.

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