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– MALI –

October 15th, 2010

The Fqsida forwards half of its proceeds to the African organizations which are part of the Coalition PLUS. This international coalition is an association of organizations that promotes a community approach to HIV/AIDS. ARCAD-SIDA (Association de Recherche, de Communication et d’Accompagnement à Domicile des personnes vivant avec le VIH/SIDA) is a founding member of this coalition.

ARCAD/SIDA was one of the first AIDS organizations in Mali. Its aim is to foster the development of global management of HIV/AIDS patients. The organization has developed numerous programs including therapeutic education, socio-economic reintegration, and the child program, a psychosocial support program for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Direct support
Thanks to its school support program, in 2009, 5,045 children received a school kit including a school bag, a pencil case, notebooks, books, and pens. Nutritional support was also included, as was material support such as clothes and toys.

Psychosocial accompaniment
In August 2009, ARCAD/SIDA gave 108 children from 6 to 17 years old, infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, the chance to enjoy a camping holiday. They enjoyed plenty of exciting activities, such as a tour of Bamako (the capital of Mali), crafts, sports, and even filming a TV show!

Medical management
A total of 1,256 children were tested for HIV in 2009, of whom 319 tested positive; 157 children joined the management program, for a total of 288 children now receiving antiretroviral treatment.

Among the goals for 2010 is complete case management for children with HIV/AIDS, with special attention to the role of the child’s family and community.

Training for therapeutic education in Sikasso.

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