July 26th, 2013

Originally, to advocate meant to stand up in court to make a plea to defend the rights of a particular party.

Today, advocacy often refers to a discourse developed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to defend the rights of people who are unable to defend themselves in the face of powerful institutions (governments, international corporations, big property owners, etc.) pursuing their own interests.

The objective of advocacy is usually to defend the rights, and improve the living conditions and well-being of society’s most disadvantaged, people living in extreme poverty, oppressed minorities, people living with disease, and those who are marginalized and rejected.

Through the power of the advocacy and public testimony, NGOs seek to win in the court of public opinion, the only place where the policies of large corporations and powerful leaders can be influenced. Advocacy work encourages the emergence of a global conscience.

Source : entre’AIDES – #31

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