Prevention campaign: In my bag

August 19, 2015

Dans mon sacFor some years now, Quebec has experienced an increase in the number of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), such as chlamydia. Women have not been spared, and there is a need to raise their awareness on the importance of preserving their sexual health.

COCQ-SIDA, a partner organisation of Fqsida, has therefore developed its first campaign to promote health and the prevention of HIV and other STBBIs among the women of Quebec. The “In my Bag” campaign, launched on 6 July last, promises a healthy, fulfilling sex life free from STBBIs.

The website provides factual information focusing on the notions of pleasure, discovery and conscious, not subjected, sexuality.

Although certain women present increased risk factors, vulnerability to HIV is not a fixed state: at different moments of her life, a woman can face situations that increase the risk of HIV infection.

The campaign presents the bags of four women with different profiles:
– Lyne, in her fifties, newly separated, seeks new partners;
– Rosa, a young migrant woman, is trying to develop ties in her host country;
– Audrey likes partying and multiple encounters;
– Julie, a young mother, is unaware that her husband unfaithful.

Among the some fifteen organisations that are working together on this initiative, we would like to highlight the participation of ACCM, CASM and Gap-Vies, members of Fqsida.

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