Our favourite season


September 8, 2016

Community mobilization against HIV knows no summer break! The teams deployed all their optimism and high spirits to prepare the summer activities, often reinforced by volunteers. Here is a small selection.

Journées communautaires Fierté 2016

The ACCM’s booth at Montreal 2016 Gay Pride

Awareness-building and information during the community day at Fierté Montreal 2016, a date not to be forgotten on the agenda of the fight against HIV. Even the downpours were powerless to dampen the enthusiasm of the men and women who ventured out to meet the public. ACCM alone distributed 10 000 condoms there!

We also need to highlight the formidable energy at the booth of the Maison Plein Cœur and its dynamic participation this summer in  various fund-raising activities, each more enjoyable than the other.

As it does every year, Gap-Vies conducted many outreach activities aimed at raising awareness and prevention during popular events in and around Montréal, such as Carifesta, les Week-ends du Monde, and sporting competitions.

For MIELS-Québec, a major activity was testing evenings in meeting places such as saunas and night spots, where anonymous, free and confidential testing was provided by a nurse and a social assistant, both of whom were always on hand to respond to questions.

Many weeks of reflection and work by ACCM culminated this summer in the launch of its new website and visual identity, a very beautiful accomplishment of which the ACCM team can be proud!

Sexe-au-menuSome organizations also relayed the COCQ-SIDA campaign, “Sexe au menu, combine tes ingrédients” (Sex on the menu, combine your ingredients). Here, men who are gay, bisexual, transsexual or who, here and there, like to have sex with other men are invited to rediscover six strategies for protecting themselves from the risk of HIV transmission: pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PPE), testing, condom-use, considering your viral load and negotiated safety – a campaign with an off-beat humour.

… And the new season promises to be just as active!

“The Teacher’s toolkit” by ACCM


February 25th, 2011

In 2005, Québec’s school system underwent a reform that radically changed sex education. Rather than depending on a single person or program, sex-ed has become the responsibility of all members of the school. Unfortunately, most teachers receive little to no training in this subject area. These combined factors have translated into a high school experience that is often void of any kind of organised discussion about relationships, consent, orientation, body image, or sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs).

Denying students access to the invaluable information that once accompanied sex-ed in the classroom has proven statistically, to be detrimental to the health of youth in this province. “The Teacher’s Toolkit” aims to empower youth by helping them access relevant information in order to make informed decisions. In 2010, the Gouvernement du Québec estimated that 50 000 Quebecers were diagnosed with an STBBI and youth aged 15 to 30 are most affected*.

AIDS Community Care Montréal (ACCM) recognises that sex-ed desperately needs a comeback. With Québec’s high school curriculum requirements in mind for the four core subject areas,”the Teacher’s Toolkit” incorporates sex-ed into dozens of lesson plans by not only describing what to teach, but also how to teach it. “The Teacher’s Toolkit” aims to disseminate free sex education to as many teachers and students as possible throughout the city of Montréal and beyond while also providing resources to parents.

With support from Telus and the Farha Foundation, ACCM has acquired the video equipment necessary to help empower youth to think and work creatively in a multi-media platform. Particularly youth who, for economic reasons, might not otherwise have access to these technical tools.

“The Teacher’s Toolkit” can be accessed in its entirety at sexedtoolkit.com where there is also the opportunity to share teacher and student work, watch interactive videos, access community resources, and obtain information about ACCM’s free teacher’s training.

The official launch of “the Teacher’s Toolkit” will be taking place on February 16, 2011 at the Montréal Science Centre. Sample lesson plans will be provided in English and French and there will be a live demonstration of suggested activities.