The fight against HIV/AIDS and LGBT* rights in Africa

November 25t, 2014

Africagay2As in Uganda, where President Museveni recently signed an act into law that considerably worsens the repression of homosexuality, 40% of UN member states – that’s 39 African countries out of 54 – still criminalize sexual relations between people of the same sex. We can no longer ignore the disastrous public health ramifications that stem from criminalization. Criminalization is also a major obstacle in the fight against HIV/AIDS, since it pushes people into hiding, and distances them from prevention and care services.

African community organizations ANSS and REVS+, members of Coalition PLUS, have long been working with and for LGBT communities in Burundi and Burkina Faso in the areas of prevention, human rights, and health issues. Both organizations are also members of Africagay against AIDS, a network of HIV/AIDS and LGBT associations from eight African countries, which receives technical and financial support from AIDES (a founding member of Coalition PLUS) and Sidaction. The network works to ensure that Africa’s LGBT communities have access to prevention and care, on the principle that the discrimination these people are subjected to is an affront to human rights, and serves to feed the epidemic.

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* Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
Illustration: @ AIDES — Africagay against AIDS

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