The rubber brigade : prevention by and for youth

July 26th, 2013

The « Rubber Brigade » project, organized by
MIELS-Québec, member of the Fqsida, is a unique way for young people in the national capital region to make a difference in their area through the promotion of safer sex and the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted blood borne infections (STBBI).

There are many stumbling blocks to a discussion of sexuality. Whether it’s embarrassment, lack of information, or the absence of people to turn to, many young people develop a misinformed idea about sexuality. Because it’s not enough to know how sex works. It’s important to know and adopt safer sexual practices, in order to stay healthy, prevent STBBIs and avoid unplanned pregnancies. There are also barriers preventing young people from using condoms; either lack of information, peer pressure, lack of money, the absence of condom distributors or discomfort with buying them.

The “Rubber Brigade” project, empowers groups of young people to distribute basic information and refer peers to sources of information related to sexual health, as well as the prevention of STBBIs and HIV, sexual orientation, contraception, pregnancy, respectful sexual relations and the prevention of juvenile prostitution.  These young people have prevention at heart, and want to make a difference in their communities. Their mission is to share information on sexual health, and encourage access to condoms in places where young people hang out. They spread awareness among their peers, to help them have safe, fulfilling sex when the time comes for them to be sexually active.

This year a new part of the project was launched: young people wishing to form a brigade have been invited to participate in the “Rubber Brigades take action” contest, where they will develop a prevention project for sexual health in their community. The winning brigade will receive a $500 prize.

Nearly 25 young members of the Rubber Brigades presented their projects in front of 50 health, education and community organization representatives. Discover all six creative and dynamic projects online at

The “Rubber Brigades take action” contest will start up again in September 2013.

For more information (in French):

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