Volunteers: Key actors on the community scene

February 16, 2016

Volunteering, the cultural cornerstone of the community movement, is essential to the daily functioning of organisations.

Petites mainsAgainst today’s trend of disengagement by governments from major social sectors such as education or health, to mention the most evident ones, the role each individual can play within his/her community appears all the more crucial. Evidently, it is not a matter of substituting collective or individual social initiatives for the functions of government bodies, but volunteers have long understood the role they can play so as to help shape the new face of our society.

The commitment and altruism of these men and women take, in fact, very many forms and the expression « giving of one’s time » seems a gross understatement when placed against the tremendous contribution they make. Volunteers participate in the democratic decision-making process (boards of directors, executive councils, etc.) of organisations and associations. They offer their services to people so as to foster the improvement of their quality of life while maintaining them in their natural environment. They lead support, self-help, artistic-expression, meditation and other groups. They become the faces of causes by sharing their experiences or being their spokespersons. They offer their professional skills (accounting, law, massotherapy, psychology, etc.) for free.

Volunteers invest their time, energy, skills and good humour! Just like you, dear donors, they make a difference each day towards a society with greater solidarity, a more balanced society.

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