Your constant involvement in the life of the community

February 25th, 2011

Relying on public funding and grants from private foundations, community organizations live with the constant risk of losing the funds that allow them to continue their work on the front lines.

Like several other organizations throughout Canada, the Maison d’Hérelle, a Montreal member of the Fqsida, saw those fears realized last year. One of its oldest donors, Centraide, withdrew its contribution, which made up 16% of the organization’s total budget.
It was in response to this type financial uncertainty that the Fqsida and its regular donors program were created. The commitment that each of you makes helps to mitigate this reality and ensure that organizations can continue their work. This is also the goal of our two permanent staff, Christian and Gerald, as they work each day to maintain our link and human relationship with you. Our small but devoted team of volunteers who are always willing to help with organizational tasks, as well as the members of the
Board of Directors and the director of the foundation, who are also all volunteers, also share this vision of a strong community fabric in which non-profit organizations have played an essential role for decades. We are joined in this commitment by our crucial outside partners, such as our graphic designer, whose gift of time and labour ensures that our organizations on the ground benefit from the largest possible share of the funds collected.

Your role in the fight against HIV is crucial. And beyond the merits of the cause, your commitment to the Fqsida bears witness to your constant involvement in the life of the community and your support with the challenges it must continually face.

Thank you for being a part of the human endeavour of the Fqsida!

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