A Quebec without AIDS: it’s possible!

We are taking concrete action to end the epidemic by 2030

In 2021, an estimated 18,000 people in Quebec will be living with HIV-AIDS.

A few years ago, we didn’t know how to stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic. But today we know that access to prevention, testing and treatment, as well as a better quality of life for HIV-positive people and populations most at risk of HIV transmission, make all the difference. It is therefore more a question of finding the financial and human means to eradicate the disease.

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Get involved to make a difference

The Quebec AIDS Foundation has committed itself, along with other Quebec community organizations, to take action to end the HIV epidemic. This common vision of the Quebec HIV-AIDS movement, to which the Foundation adheres, is a way to make people understand the importance of solidarity and collaboration in order to defeat the epidemic.

Do you want a Quebec without AIDS? Support us and our member organizations in their actions.

COCQ-Sida Logo

Through their actions, the members of the Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de la lutte contre le sida (COCQ-Sida) and the Quebec AIDS Foundation are helping to stop the spread of HIV-AIDS, to provide help and support to people living with this virus and to promote access to health care for these people and their loved ones, as well as to inform those who are trying to protect themselves.

The community takes charge of the response to HIV and AIDS

Over the past year, the community sector, under the aegis of the COCQ-SIDA, carried out a consultation to define the Quebec Community Response to HIV and AIDS 2021-2025 in order to aim for the UNAIDS 95-95 target. Actions to be prioritized have been identified to pave the way towards a world without AIDS or HIV as in 2030.

Thanks to your donations, our member organizations carry out their daily missions of information, awareness, prevention and support to people affected by HIV AIDS.

How will we get there?

The plan is simple. To end AIDS by 2025, our goal is that:

  • 95% of people living with HIV know their HIV status;
  • 95% of all people infected with HIV receive sustained antiretroviral treatment;
  • 95% of people receiving antiretroviral treatment have their viral load sustainably suppressed.

In this way, we will be able to put an end to the HIV epidemic.

No policymakers at the 24th IAS Conference: insufficient resources in sight

Room was full at Quebec sans Sida Conference

The community organizations of the coalition, in collaboration with the Quebec AIDS Foundation, formed the Quebec without Aids committee and made a collective fundraising effort. They then organized a widely publicized conference-panel at the PHI Centre on July 26, 2022, to put HIV/AIDS back in the news, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The absence of political decision-makers at the 24th IAS (International Aids Society) Conference, held in Montreal in the summer of 2022, demonstrated the lack of importance they give to HIV AIDS.

In this context, several Quebec organizations dedicated to this cause have had to provide basic services and food baskets to their members because, like COVID, the disease follows the contours of poverty.

Issues and practices were presented in light of the pandemic, the increase in STIs since 2020 and the services maintained despite the silence of decision makers in the fight against HIV.

A partnership proposal was presented to the Quebec government to eradicate HIV because the community has solutions to apply as long as it obtains the collaboration and resources of the public health system. Together, let’s put pressure on our political decision-makers to express our desire to put an end to the HIV-AIDS epidemic.

The Quebec Without AIDS Committee is continuing its fight and plans to return to the media on December 1st for International HIV Day.


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When your company takes a leadership role in the fight against HIV/AIDS, you demonstrate to your customers, employees and community that you care about people living with HIV/AIDS and that you are committed to the fight to eradicate this pandemic.

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