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Here is a space for speaking and reflecting on the reality of people living with HIV.

This blog aims to help reduce stigma and discrimination against them, through a personal approach through which the authors promote the values ​​of mutual respect and solidarity and enhance positive attitudes towards people living with HIV.

Jacques, spokesperson for the “I am HIV positive” campaign, recently published a very accurate post on the question of screening, both so intimate and yet with collective repercussions.

Excerpt – « There was a time when it didn’t matter much whether knowing or not knowing, because the only message people with AIDS were told was: we can’t do anything for you, you will die.

Then there was a time when knowing would have made a difference, but you just didn’t know. We didn’t know this difference, so we developed approaches that identified when it was best to start treatment to help us live longer.

We are now at the time when it is clearly established that the sooner we know we are infected, the sooner it is possible to start treatment which will have many benefits for the rest of our lives. »

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