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More than 38,000,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS around the world. In Canada, HIV/AIDS affects more than 2,000 families each year, and more than 60,000 people live with the disease every day.

Thanks to your donations, together with the Farha Foundation, we have been able to donate more than $10,050,000 to various community organizations working for the cause. Be part of the solution: by donating to the Quebec Aids Foundation, you are helping people affected or living with HIV/AIDS in your community.

Where do your donations go?

Your donations allow our member organizations to inform, support and give hope to those who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

Supporting the Quebec Aids Foundation means acting within the community to facilitate access to prevention, better support people affected by HIV/AIDS, fight discrimination and, in so doing, reduce the infection. Your donations will help UNAIDS achieve its goals. By 2025, our goal is that:

  • 95% of people living with HIV know their HIV status;
  • 95% of all HIV-infected people tested receive sustained antiretroviral treatment;
  • 95% of people receiving antiretroviral treatment have a permanently suppressed viral load.

Giving is a simple gesture that has a great community impact.

Your support is crucial to the outcome of this battle: together we will beat HIV/AIDS!

Many ways to give

Monthly or yearly donation

It’s simple and effective: once your monthly or yearly donations are in place, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, your donation will be automatically deducted each month.

One-time donation

The one-time donation allows you to support us at a time that is most convenient for you, by making a single payment.

Donation in memory of a person

A source of comfort for the family and hope for the peoples living with HIV. When a loved one dies, you can express your condolences to the family by sending us an in memoriam donation.

Donation of an RRSP or RRIF

You can change the beneficiary information in the contract and notify the financial institution that manages your retirement account, or state your decision in your will.

Donation of a life insurance policy

It is possible to designate a charity as the beneficiary of the death benefit of a life insurance policy.

Gift of Securities

Do you own stocks, mutual funds, bonds or other securities? You could donate them to the Quebec AIDS Foundation.

Bequest in your will

Once you have determined that your estate will take care of your family and loved ones, you may decide to leave a portion of your estate to the Quebec AIDS Foundation by including this gift in your will.


You can’t give, or you already give, and would like to do something to help one of our beneficiary organizations, or to give a hand to the Quebec Aids Foundation in the organization of activities? Volunteer: a noble gesture that helps the community.


When your company takes a leadership role in the fight against HIV/AIDS, you demonstrate to your customers, employees and community that you care about people living with HIV/AIDS and that you are committed to the fight to eradicate this pandemic.