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The member organizations of the Quebec Aids Foundation are 19 local organizations recognized by the government authorities. Their objective is to fight against HIV/AIDS in Quebec.

As essential actors in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Quebec, the member organizations act to facilitate access to prevention and testing, support people affected by HIV/AIDS, fight discrimination and, in so doing, reduce the epidemic.

Our member organization are selected according to specific criteria. The primary objective of the organization must be to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, to provide assistance and support to people living with HIV/AIDS and related conditions, and/or to promote the health of people living with HIV/AIDS. The organization must qualify as community-based and autonomous and be defined as follows :

  • Have a non-profit status and have been formed at the initiative of the people of the community;
  • Demonstrate roots in the community;
  • Maintain a democratic and associative life;
  • Be free to determine its mission, its orientations, as well as its approaches and practices;
  • Pursue a social mission that is specific to the organization and that promotes social transformation;
  • Demonstrate citizen practices and broad approaches based on the globality of the issues addressed;
  • Be directed by a board of directors that is independent of the public network.
The ACCM is the only English-language community organization in Quebec that offers services to people living with HIV or hepatitis C.

The voices of our members are essential to the directions ACCM takes; we work together with our different communities to develop an emphatic and caring response to HIV and hepatitis C.
The A.R.C.H.E. de l’Estrie adopts the GIPA principles which aim to increase the participation of people living with HIV/AIDS and that of the communities directly concerned, in all aspects of the fight against HIV/AIDS.
The BLITSS works to raise awareness, inform and demystify HIV/AIDS and other STBBIs among the general population.

In terms of prevention, the BLITSS intervenes with targeted clienteles using the empowerment approach, the objective being to promote the development of behaviors that promote healthy sexual health.
Bras-Outaouais Logo
BRAS Outaouais – Prevention and intervention in HIV and safe consumption – is a non-profit community organization that has existed since 1990. Its mission is to develop and promote community actions aimed at improving the quality of life of the population of the Outaouais in relation to HIV/AIDS.
Since 1990, the Centre Sida Action Montreal, a non-profit organization, has been helping women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other STBBIs as well as their family members.
The Réseau de la Sainte Sexuelle des Sourds du Québec is a provincial non-profit organization that offers prevention services against HIV/AIDS and STBBIs to the deaf and hard of hearing community in Quebec as well as support services for deaf people. and hard of hearing living with HIV/AIDS and STBBIs.
Les Hébergements de l’Envol now welcomes people affected by HIV/AIDS who are not at the end of their life but who need short or medium-term accommodation, for the purpose of social reintegration.

We bring them care and support throughout their illness, break their isolation by allowing them to live in an atmosphere of peace and security and defend and promote their interests.
The principles that guide and direct the actions, activities and services of GAP-VIES are: Compassion, Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA), Social Justice and Solidarity.
Since 1992, GEIPSI, the self-help group for HIV-positive and homeless people, has been working with clients living with HIV/AIDS or hepatitis C (HCV), homeless and who have a profile related to addiction and sometimes mental health. GEIPSI is a self-help group that reaches adult men and women affected by these issues.
La Maison d’Hérelle provides a living environment, care and support adapted to people living with HIV / AIDS from a global health perspective and in complementarity with the public and community networks of the health and social services system.
IRIS Estrie is a community organization with a supraregional mandate working with various populations in Estrie since 1988.

The general mission of the organization is to stimulate and develop community action against HIV|AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections and by blood (STBBI).
La Maison Dominique is a community housing resource located in Laval. We specialize our services around supporting the management of health issues, more specifically physical health.

The objective is to promote constant medical follow-up, including prescribed examinations and adherence to treatment in order to cure or control the disease and regain a stable lifestyle.

During the stay, lasting a maximum of 3 years, the resident must be actively involved in the medical follow-up but also in the steps that he will have defined with his intervener (dependence, justice, employability, citizenship, income, leisure, etc).
MAINS BSL is a non-profit organization that has existed since 1994. A first mandate is to inform, raise awareness and prevent HIV infection in Bas St-Laurent; to provide help and support to people living with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones in the Bas St-Laurent region.

A second mandate is to inform, raise awareness and prevent STBBIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections and Blood) while providing help and support to people living with STBBIs in Bas St-Laurent.

A third mandate aims to inform and raise awareness of the homosexual reality, to develop strategies to fight homophobia and to provide help and support to people living with a problem related to the LGBT+ reality (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) in Lower St-Laurent.
The Maison Plein Coeur is an organization founded on the values and principles of empowerment, acceptance, non-judgment and compassion.

In its 31st year of existence, in 2022, Maison Plein Coeur has proven itself and is recognized by community, institutional and university partners.

It brings together many dedicated people to offer unique programs and essential services to people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Montreal. In short, Maison Plein Coeur is an organization that meets the needs of the community.
MIELS-Québec supports and accompanies people living with HIV-AIDS and their loved ones with a view to defending their rights, reducing harm and empowering them.

This organization also carries out awareness, prevention and education activities for at-risk clients and the general public
The Portail VIH Sida du Québec is a community organization that informs and supports people with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.
The R.O.S.É.S. de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue is a regional community organization in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Its premises are located in Rouyn-Noranda. It offers confidential services to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, but also to the general population.

R.O.S.E.S. is an acronym that stands for Resource Working to Support and Listen to People Living with HIV/AIDS
Logo Tandem Mauricie
Tandem Mauricie is a community organization fighting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) that carries out prevention, outreach, awareness and information dissemination activities with the population of Mauricie.

Personalized support and adapted services are offered to people living with HIV/AIDS, HCV, those around them and any other person at risk. In addition, people infected with other STBBIs or at risk of contracting them can also receive services.
Sidalys is a non-profit organization that offers supervised accommodation and community support in social housing to people who are homeless or in precarious housing, suffering from or at risk of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections, including HIV and Hepatitis C, who also struggle with issues of various substance use, mental health or stigma.

They offer short-term, medium-term and long-term housing as well as social housing intervention and community support services.

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