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The Quebec AIDS Foundation is Quebec’s leading fundraiser for the support of people living with HIV (PLWH) by contributing financially to the activities of nineteen local organizations in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec that share the same community-based approach to service.

We are committed, along with other community organizations in Quebec, to taking action to end the HIV epidemic. This shared vision of the Quebec HIV/AIDS movement, to which the Foundation is committed, is a way to help people understand the importance of solidarity and collaboration in overcoming the epidemic.


The Foundation was created in 1989 by the COCQ-SIDA to address the critical needs of community-based organizations working in the area of HIV, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections.

Our Values

Logo Fondation Québécoise du SidaSolidarity : Our member organizations benefit from the donations of thousands of regular donors who support the same cause.

Logo Fondation Québécoise du SidaCommitment : The Quebec AIDS Foundation is committed to the cause of HIV by providing ongoing financial support to its member organizations, rendering direct services to the vulnerable population.

Logo Fondation Québécoise du SidaIntegrity : We respect the laws concerning charitable organizations, as well as those related to the confidentiality of information. In addition, transparency is applied in our management.

The HIV challenge

When the Foundation was created, it was still unknown how to curb the HIV/AIDS epidemic that had been raging since the 1980s. Today, we face another viral pandemic that has been going on since 2020. Access to prevention, testing, treatment, and improved quality of life for PLWH and those at risk of infection make all the difference. It is in these areas that the community-based approach provides its services. The approach has also inspired other initiatives in viral treatment. The mobilization of citizens, managers and leaders makes it possible to find financial and human resources to treat and eradicate the disease. These are the levers that the community sector uses to offer complementary services to the government health system, with which it collaborates in a sustained relationship.

The Quebec AIDS Foundation is committed, along with other community organizations and UNAIDS, to ending the HIV epidemic in the spirit of the 95-95-95 Response. With this in mind, by 2025, our goal is that :

  • 95% of people living with HIV know their HIV status;
  • 95% of all HIV-infected people tested receive sustained antiretroviral treatment;
  • 95% of people receiving antiretroviral treatment have sustained viral load suppression.

This mission sends a message to the public and its leaders about the importance of working together to defeat an epidemic as we do a pandemic. Moreover, the research carried out on HIV has found applications in another fight, that against the coronavirus.

The Quebec Aids Foundation also acts on behalf of the Farha Foundation. The two entities merged on April 1, 2017. The Farha Foundation has made a significant contribution to the cause of HIV/AIDS in Quebec, notably by organizing events that often bring together more than 20,000 people during various annual walks.

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